Kelley Marie Ghattas

Several years back I moved to New York City from Ohio to follow my dream in fashion!  Along the way I had a few jobs but they were never quite right. Except for dog sitting, I loved that and still do! :) Not long into my New York City life I met my amazing and supportive husband, Mike. We met in a bar on St. Patrick’s Day in 2013. He proposed in Savannah, Georgia in 2016 where Forrest Gump was filmed. We got married in Ohio at my childhood church in 2017. He married me and found out how crazy I was.. Crazy passionate about fashion, clothing and beauty, that is! Sharing a closet didn’t seem so impossible when we were engaged and living apart.. Which leads me into...

Kelley Marie Boutique originated in a New York City apartment. Ideas continued to flow and soon the boutique was born. I was working a full time 9-5 job wondering, what else could be out there? My Dad was an entrepreneur my whole life. I then married my sweet husband, Mike, who is also an entrepreneur! I love the idea of styling and sharing it with friends, the world or at least with my Instagram followers! Who wouldn’t love to just shop all day? I wanted to make one of my favorite hobbies a reality!

Other things I also love to talk about or am just obsessed with:

Makeup, Skincare, Dogs, Movies, Cleveland.


We want to help everyday people to express themselves. Everyone shows their personalities their own way. Here in our boutique we do it through our vivacious, upbeat and humorous personalities with some cool clothes to help along the way! We want you to wear your clothes the way you want to.. Not how everyone thinks you should. So PLEASE share how you style yourself! Use your favorite social media platform or even email! Share your secrets and we will share ours 100%

of the way.